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We are dedicated to adopt various scientifically proven behaviours and conditions that are able to improve our health and happiness and thus improve our overall wellness (eg: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual wellness).

"Prevention is better than cure", our only way to increase our overall health is to strengthen our immune system, thereby preventing aging and disease. We have invested a lot of time and energy to design easy-to-use, detailed and fully functional spiritual technology to help you clear the physical, emotional, and mental problems and obstacles encountered in life.


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Advanced International Spiritual Technology

All Light Mandalas products are developed by a group of international scientists. They are dedicated in studying the interaction and influence of electromagnetic fields, light, lasers, information fields and energy medicine on overall health, in order to develop the technology that helps in improving the quality of our life, improving our wellness in terms of physical, mental and spiritual. Thus, increase the awareness of self healing.

Healing Technology of light

Light is a form of energy or vibration. Whether it is ultraviolet light, invisible light or human thought, it is the medium used to transmit vibration, but the frequency is slightly different.


We use the light fields generated by light of different frequencies to bring information into our energy system and produce a harmonious resonance field, so that the body, mind, and soul can heal themselves.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation and the origin of all forms. It is also an ancient science that explores and explains the energy model of creating and unifying everything, revealing the precise way of creating energy itself.


Sacred geometry is full of the healing power of the universe. It helps us to follow the flow of the universe easily in order to receive the unlimited energy of life, thus making life full of vitality.

Harmonic Resonance Field

By using the light field generated by light of different frequencies to bring information into our energy system and produce a field of harmony and resonance, we are now able to experience  a deeper state of harmony more easily. 


We have maximized the scope of the energy field, so that more people can share the harmonious resonance field, and they can all be used in different environments. Such as: studio, wellness center, spiritual event, office and personal meditation space.

Ultimate Ease of Use

All Light Mandalas tools are operated by the Android application through the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone or tablet. There is no complicated operating system, and it is fully functional and easy to use.


By following the instructions and clicking on the desired function, we are able to explore the products. Besides, we can also evaluate the user’s physical and mental state, such as: chakras, auras, suitable essential oils and crystals with certain products.

Light Mandalas Products

Element Activator

A multi-function tool, with the combination of magnetic field, spectrum lights, sacred geometry and quartz. With this combination, this activator can work on our Chakra energy and also auric-fields.


An alchemical elixir of many names revered by the Ancients. It has been called “the Food of the Gods,” “Cleopatra's Milk,” “Manna."

Mandala Harmonizer

Universal broadband harmonizing generator-modulator and a personal bio-corrector device.

Mandala Dynamic Scan​

Mandala Scan is a tablet based Bio-resonance evaluation tool detecting & reporting the degrees of deviation between the user’s Bio-matrix Field and libraries of resonant supplements including homeopathic remedies, Essential oils, Flower essences, crystals, emotional & mental balancing, energetic (psycho-spiritual) issues, allergies or toxins.

Harmonistic Sphere Set

Made from Quartz crystal, Harmonistic Sphere set with the special design of combination of the Flower of Life Grid, Merkaba field and the pentagon unity portal energy. When used with Light Mandalas tools, the sphere acts as a tuned amplifier that will create a consistent standing energy field to influence everything that is within the coverage.

Mandala Wand

A powerful portable size Light Mandala Low-Level pulsed Laser light healing wand with Red, Near Infrared and Violet lasers as well as longitudinal Wave emitters to correct the energetic and informational fields from interfering or discordant energies and restores their balance. Use personally for yourself, friends and family or use professionally to provide sessions for your clients

Mandala Light Alchemy Pulsar

A 16 million color solid state light source used as a color therapy system, programmed to recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and outputs the precise colors representing each element. Works perfectly with Mandala Scan.

Mandala Astral Star

The Astral Star Libraries includes an extensive collection of over 3,000 photon resonances promoting protection, energizing, mood improvement, clearing, healing, emotional balancing, clarity, and harmonizing relationships.

Mandala VN Star

Interacts directly with both the higher and lower ranges of the Auric field spectrum. Harmonizes and re-establishes the balance of the dense body. Mandala VN Star enhances the atmosphere of spaces resulting in improved mood and overall energetic benefits; it creates custom ambient atmospheres influencing moods and consciousness states through brain waves and bio-field entertainment. Perfect for Spas, relaxation & wellness studios, health retreats and meditation spaces.

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